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Our latest:

Value-based Healthcare
Since 2010 we pioneered industry changing Value-based Healthcare implementations in NL:
Meetbaar Beter, Zorg voor Uitkomst. We educated the top50 and change agents at Erasmus Medical Center in Value-based Healthcare. Now we have participated in 100+ VBHC projects.

International Expertise – innovations
We work with the leadership of CHOP – the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (USA) to set their strategic agenda, VBHC 2.0.

We are international leaders in implementing Value for Patients, Providers, Payers and Industry.
We work with hospitals and companies in NL, USA, India and GER

In 2021/22 we are taking it to the next level.
We will send the elevator back down.
We will show you soon.

you can contact us at maarten[at]reframinghealthcare[dot]com

In the meantime:

We continue to serve our customers
We have presented at the Shared Value Summit in New York City and did a workshop on Business Models for Emerging Markets.
We have visited ICHOM conferences, on Value-based Healthcare.
We participated in Start-up Fest Europe, through Our Future Health conference.
We are involved with RockStart Digital Health Startups